Game-based learning and gamification: the fields you can draw from thanks to our knowledge and passion.
As economists and gamers we know how to combine business and entertainment together.

Pre.Kapitalni - web & mobile game

Serious game focused on finance education, based on point and click mechanics.
Game features funny and compelling story along with tests and modules dedicated to financial topics.
We were reponsible for game & web development.

DOJI ACADEMY - Learning Management System

Intelligent and smart solution allowing the effective monitoring, management and reporting of activities, as well as assessment of increase in the competences acquired during the course.

For corporations, universities, learning facilities, trainers and individual users.

Gamification system for university

Web-based system for Poznan School of Logistics (WSL).
We were responsible for technical specification, UI/UX design and development.


The smart transfer of game mechanics into the business reality opens up a whole new set of possibilities, and paves the way for effective solutions that earlier have been difficult to find or reach.


Games, applications, innovative projects for businesses: no matter what solutions you are looking for, you can be sure that your product will be "tailor-made" and respond to your needs.


Taking care of the coherence of the effects of work, we act comprehensively. Your project will be given into the hands of our specialists: graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, designers.


We are an interdisciplinary team of economists, but we are able to supplement it with specialists in specific areas to provide verified and reliable content to our clients.


The project is a dynamic process. To respond quickly to changes, its stages are realized in close contact with a client, providing support also after finalizing work on an idea.

Need a product tailored to your business needs?

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