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We are aware that every opinion is worth supporting by the insights from the outside, so we will gladly share with you what has been written about us. See how our accomplishments are perceived by professionals from the gaming industry - bloggers, journalists, testers - and join them by checking how our tools can support your ideas.

Business Detective Game: Coffee Noir – what is it exactly?

The game is really enjoyable. What is more, while playing, we can’t have any regrets about wasting time. It’s the form of education, especially in the scope of economic subjects. (...) Definitely a bull’s-eye hit.

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Business Detective Game - Coffee Noir Review

The most important question one can ask while reviewing the educational game is “did I learn something new?”. And my answer is: yes. I learnt a few things about the negotiations, about the business and managing the company. I also learnt a few things about the coffee. I did, even though it wasn’t my job – my job, as a reviewer, was to play and rate the game.

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WTK - interview at Poznan Game Arena

"More and more often, games have an educational dimension. Like Coffee Noir, the debut of the Poznan studio." The annual attendance at the Poznan game show shows that everyone wants to play regardless of age, gender and education. And Polish producers perfectly meet this demand by creating games that count on the world market.

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Coffee Noir - a new representative of serious games. It's impressive!

Doji, because that is how the Poznań studio is called, created something really unique. Players will certainly not complain about intelligent entertainment.

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Interview with Jakub Ryfa - president of PGG and co-founder of Doji Educational Innovations

Interview given to the portal during the Festival of Fantasy Pyrkon 2016 in Poznań.

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"Looking at this project as a game, one has to admit that Doji did a good job"

Coffee Noir Games is a very interesting production from Doji studios in Poznan. How did developers cope with the combination of game and business learning?

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PGA 2016: best pre-release games

You may feel a little surprised that this title has been honored. Coffee Noir is an educational game, but extremely ambitious and interesting. (...) But a plain tycoon called an educational game? No, Coffee Noir is extremely complicated. To develop a company or improve the capabilities of our employees we need to perform tests related to that category. Of course, earlier we get a great deal of material from which we can learn about a particular subject.

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Coffee Noir - early access review

Can a game teach the business? And is browser game able to do it? No, I'm begging, after all, games, it's just a kind of toy! (…) Are you sure? I think the Doji Academy team would deny it all in one way: an invitation to test Coffee Noir.

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If it comes to fun and education, it should be exactly in this style

Digital Dragons 2016 has shown that the Polish scene of indie games is primarily a variety, from which the author picked out for you the 11 most interesting titles. Coffee Noir is one of them.

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5/5: best new polish games

Coffee Noir is a game that you want to spend your evenings with. What’s more, you will also feel that the level of your competences increases and that your free time was well spent. Playing the game requires a lot of focus and strategic thinking, which will make the game attractive to those who don’t play games as they consider them as a waste of time. 

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Coffee Noir, or in other words, what if Sherlock Holmes decided to sell coffee?

Coffee Noir is an interesting combination of business simulator and adventure game. The action of the game takes place in an alternate future, inspired by the 1940's.

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Poznan Game Arena was dominated with polish games - 2016 PGA best games review

It’s probably the first made ever educational business application dresses up as a drawn by hand, adventure-tycoon hybrid game. (…) If you are looking for a proof that games teach, Coffee Noir is a perfect place to start.

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Made in Poland - Coffee Noir first impression, how I became a businessman

(…) I could keep describing features, tasks, marketing campaigns and other stuff but I think you just need to check this out on your own. The game is also very good visually. Both artwork and characters based on comic-book style look great. Jazz music that accompanies us in the game is the icing on the cake. The background music brings back smoky American pubs from the 1950s.

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A game that teaches you how to do business

We are surrounded by games, so some people try to use this knowledge for educational purposes. 'Coffee Noir' (...) is one of such games.

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Pyrkon 2016 – The most interesting games from the indie game zone. Coffee Noir on the 1st place!

IGN Poland has prepared a list of the most interesting independent games presented at the Pyrkon Festival in the indie games zone. First place went to Coffee Noir! Thank you IGN Poland for your recognition!

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